Vehicle Finance


AutoCost can offer a range of different finance options.


PCP is a popular way to finance the purchase of a new or used vehicle. The finance house offsets the future value of your car to give you flexible peace of mind motoring.  

The future value of your car will be guaranteed, which means no nasty surprises waiting for you at the end of your plan. At the end of the agreement you will have three options:

  • You can exchange the car for a new car on PCP.
  • Pay the balloon payment and own the car out right.
  • Or simply hand it back with no more payments to pay. (subject to mileage and conditions)

If you require the PCP please add your parameters in our comments box on the enquiry form.


Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a popular method and is well known. Hire Purchase enable you to put down a optional deposit and then clear the balance in regular monthly instalments. At the end of the agreement, the car is yours.


Lease Purchase

Lease Purchase is ideal for those wanting lower monthly payments than PCP and have a large deposit. However, you must realise you will be in charge of the balloon payment at the end of the agreement. You cannot just hand the vehicle back like you can on a PCP. Lease Purchase is popular with our customers who also wish to own the vehicle at the end either by re-financing the balloon or settling the balloon out right.

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